Feedback Workshop

Because of the important role the students calendar has in the educational process and diagnose learning difficulties , and evaluate the effectiveness of education and methods , and the consequent development of academic programs and courses of study and improve the teaching process , as well as assessing teacher performance himself , and to complement the efforts of the Deanship of Academic Development and Quality in developing the skills of faculty members in this area ,  a workshop will be held under the title
Feedback in different learning environments
Wednesday - Thursday 19 -20 /4/1435 AH
Presented by:
Dr.  Ahmad Farid , Quality Deanship consultant , (men) training hall, central Stands
Dr.  Ghada El-Sherbini ,Quality Deanship consultant , (women) training hall at the Faculty of Dentistry
Objectives of the workshop:

  • Define the concept of feedback and its types.
  • Clarify the best way to provide feedback and proper time for submission.


  • Remember Common Mistakes in providing feedback .
  • Identify the nature of  feedback in e-learning environment .

Themes to be handled by the workshop:

  • The roles of a faculty member in the teaching process
  • Calendar ( concept and types )
  • Feedback and teaching process
  • Common Mistakes in providing feedback .
  • Feedback in e-learning environment

Important Notes:
Registration begins at 8:30 am and the workshop begins at 9:00 .
and ending at 12:30 pm.