2nd Promotion Report for the 1440 Academic Year

Due to the start of preparation for promotion exercises, we enclose herewith the names of male and female candidates up to 29/07/1440 AH. Candidates must bring the following documents with direct supervision by the employee's office manager:

  1. A copy of the ID card or family card;
  2. A copy of the last academic qualification obtained by the candidate;
  3. A copy of the academic record for those who have more than thirty hours of study;
  4. A copy of the job performance evaluation for the last two years (1438-39 AH using the new form);
  5. A copy of any half-year training course attended in the last four years;
  6. A copy of any course attended at the Institute of Public Administration from the date of prior promotion;
  7. Completing the attached commitment taking into consideration choosing the wished list of promotion departments. No application will be regarded if this point missed;
  8. Completing the attached promotion form.

All applications should be sent to the General Administration of Human Resources Operations (Promotion Section) in one file attached with all requests by each department.

The application deadline is 16/05/1440 AH. The department will not consider any request after this date.