Begin of registering external visitor students at KKU

Important Announcement for the Students ( males & females ) wishing to register (as a visitor student) at King Khalid University for the first semester 1435/1436 AH

Deanship of Registration and Admission at KKU announced that, it will start receiving students applications from other universities who wish to register as visitor student, at King Khalid University for the first semester 1435/1436 AH on Tuesday 30/10/1435 H to Saturday, 04/11/1435 AH. Registration will be automatically through ( Academic System Portal ). 

Note that, the Deanship will not accept any manual requests or forms. Furthermore, anyone who wish to register must register automatically using this link according the following steps:-

  1. Go to KKU website through this link ( Academic System Portal ).
  2. Choose from e-services list (Visitor Online Registration Regular Semester)(written in Arabic).
  3. Choose ( Register Request )  then enter your ID number and click on the confirmation.
  4. Fill in all the required data and then click on the confirmation.
  5. Search the offered courses that students wish to study it at KKU and students can select and edit the courses and then click on ( save ).
  6. After the save operation the student application number shows up on the screen and it should be retained.
  7. The student must attach:- approval document sent by the university and a copy of the national identity with the mobile number in (PDF) format and through the "Download Files ".
  8. Students can see the request status from the service ( follow request ). Request status can be ( Entered , Certified , Rejected ).


Important Notes: - 

  • Getting request number of visitor student does not mean that he/she has been accepted finally. request that will be accepted according to availability.
  • When the request is accepted, student finally will receive a text message on the registered mobile number showing (University ID) and the accepted request as a visitor student at KKU and he can then access by PID and University KKU e-portal and print schedule through the following link: -

Allah is the Arbiter of Success and guide.