Alelyani: the university has made great strides in the technical field.

University has been chosen within the excellence stage of Yasser program for turning to e-transactions.
Source : 
King Khalid University, Media Center.

The results of the sixth measure indication of Yasser program for turning to electronic transactions has shown outstanding outcomes for King Khalid University (KKU). The institution has managed to jump up to the stage of excellence among the most 160 distinguished governmental entities in the country. It is noteworthy that Yasser program cares of turning to e-government transactions due to the great benefits that has to the national economy.

The University is within the outstanding category, among other 160 entities. 

On this occasion, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of King Khalid University, Dr. Salim Alelyani, has explained that the sixth measure indication of Yasser program for turning to electronic transactions was governed by a group of Saudi Arabian academics and specialists. In addition, Yasser program was considered a governmental assessment of all the sectors of the state that have independent budgets, including organizations, ministries, and universities, saying that those bodies reached more than 160 government entities in number. Dr. Alelyani further clarified that measure indication observes the performance of information technology in several branches, including electronic services, information security, influence, the strategic dimension, human capital, leadership, and support of senior leadership in the technical transformation…etc. Dr. Alelyani further added that the government entities were divided into four categories according to their results; the first category was the distinctive, which exceeded the degree of maturity (95%), and the last category was the red one. According to the national plan, the participating entities could not move up to the next level (the level of excellence) unless they were within the distinctive category. Dr. Alelyani stated that only 14 entities in number have reached the excellence stage, and King Khalid University was among those outstanding actors. Dr. Alelyani has also confirmed that the King Khalid University, had in the recent years, taken distinctive steps in the technical field which was observed for both the employees of the university and society, and which reflected positively on the results of the indication. Dr. Aleiyani said, "This honorable level that has been achieved by the University in the measurement indicator would not have been achieved without first, the help of God, and then with the support the senior officials of the university represented by the President, Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Dawood, the Vice-President, the rest of the members of the Standing Committee of e-transition, as well as the former leaders of the General Directorate of Information Technology (IT), who were led by Dr. Abdullah Al Mohaya, Dr. Abdullah Al-Walidi, Dr. Abdul Mohsen Al Qarni and Dr. Fahad Al Ahmari” Dr. Alelyani clarified that the teamwork in the General Directorate of Information Technology (IT), from male and female staffs, was the power of that administration, who had shown great professionalism in performing their work to the extent that astonished the evaluation team who had visited the University from the National Arbitration Commission.