Deanship of Community Services Hosts a Variety of Programs for the Health Awareness and Education Initiative

King Khalid University - Media Center


During the 7th annual health awareness and education program in Bariq, the Deanship of Community service hosted a number of lectures and training programs. Nearly 200 participants attended the various workshops and events.


Dr. Amira Al-Satrofie conducted a seminar on cyber-security. Her presentation was on the importance of maintaining the security and integrity of digital systems. She reviewed the leading threats to digital security, as well as the challenges and opportunities in developing security systems and protocols. She also explained the fundamental differences between information security and cyber-security.


Dr. Mohammed Abkar conducted a follow up to an earlier presentation by Dr. Al-Satrofie detailing methodologies for the safe use of the internet. Dr. Akbar focused on cyber-crime perpetrated against a variety of groups. He reviewed the various motives and strategies cyber-criminals use. Dr. Akbar presented protection methods that effectively stop all from becoming victims of Internet-based criminal activity.


The health event also included a seminar by Dr. Ibrahim Muntha titled 'Home Healthcare for the Elderly'. The presentation focused on the everyday needs and care requirements for seniors. Dr. Muntha reviewed the symptoms and treatments for ailments including: Respiratory, digestive, skeletal, musculoskeletal, urinary tract, dermatological and sensory issues that are prevalent among senior citizens.


Trainer Samar Mansour conducted a program titled 'Rationalization of Consumption, A Religious and National Demand'. This presentation was specifically for teachers. The purpose was to enlighten participants about the concepts and benefits of spreading Islamic teachings and culture. Mr. Mansour explained the role that modern media has on Islamic consumption.


King Khalid University is so pleased to present such a diverse menu of useful activities and seminars for the health awareness and education initiative. We hope that this annual event will continue to reach more people and provide valuable services to the community.