Rector Launches New Electronic Service for Meeting Management

King Khalid University - Media Center

His Excellency King Khalid University Rector, Prof. Falleh R.M. Al-Solamy, inaugurated a new electronic service for meeting management titled 'myMeeting'. The service was recently launched by the General Directorate of Information Technology. It helps to manage meetings, archive files, record meeting minutes, follow-up on assigned tasks, and memorialize decisions made.


CIO, Dr. Salem bin Fayez Alelyani, explained that 'myMeeting' is the culmination of an agile development process that entailed feedback, iteration, collaboration, and adaptability. He noted that 'myMeeting' has many features including location reporting and on-demand e-invitations. Of particular note is that the application is adaptable and can modify standing provisions as circumstances change. Also, invitees can assign a representative to attend on their behalf.


The application also provides many convenience features. For example, members can review files and minutes at any time remotely. Members can also posit questions and cast votes on topics of discussion or determination at their convenience from any location. The application provides for on-going task assignment and milestone tracking on a continuous basis depending on the nature of the project.


'myMeeting' electronically manages all aspects of meeting invitations, invocations, decision making, tracking, and record keeping of meetings of any size or significance.