King Khalid University Responds to Okaz Press Release

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1,658 Saudi Faculty Members and Counting

King Khalid University responded to incendiary rhetoric by confirming that there are 1,658 Saudi faculty members with a substantial rise forecasted to increase the Saudi faculty member population due to the return of Ph.D. scholarship students.

University Spokesperson, Dr. Abdullah Hammid, responded to the Okaz press release dated 20/12/1439 AH titled "Complaints and Accusations to the National Control and Investigation Board: Impossible Conditions and Extreme Standards for Saudi Academic Employment in King Khalid University."

"I would like to clarify some points to those interested in this story, which may help view the situation from all perspectives. I begin with a request for the name of the "Saudi Ph.D. Unemployed Campaign" spokesperson who reportedly requested evidence of the job announcement post. My concern is not with the accusatory tone directed toward King Khalid University; rather I would like to emphatically state that we have legitimately announced vacancies in Okaz Newspaper three times. This too coincided with an announcement in the Al-Watan Newspaper twice," Hammid began.

"The selection of Saudi candidates is based on the conditions stipulated by all applicable standards and employment regulations. An exceptional number of Saudi nationals with doctorates have been appointed, and opportunities are available to those who meet the requirement and needs of King Khalid University."

Hammid pressed on in a reasonable, matter-of-fact tone by explaining that King Khalid University requires highly qualified talents with the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities in postgraduate studies beyond the education field. "With the utmost respect to the individuals mentioned in the investigation, we unequivocally assert that we are keen to attract Saudi academics with graduate and postgraduate level qualifications. We are studying a large number of applicants who meet our requirements and will continue our systematic recruitment process," he concluded.