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The College of Education recently conducted a practical training seminar for students training to be teachers. The program, run by College of Education Dean, Dr. Thabet bin Saeed Al-Kahlan, was developed to help prepare new teachers for different working environments.


Dean Al-Kahlan stressed the importance of practical training for education students. He noted that while educational theory is a necessary element of teacher training, it is also important that high-level education students prepare for the realities of teaching out in the field. He noted that supervised teaching practicums are an excellent means of transitioning from education student to teacher.


Training Program Supervisor, Dr. Mufreh Al-Bassami, said that building strong relationships among school principal, teachers, students and parents is vital. The training program helps the education students develop strategies for making those relationships work. The Asir General Administration of Education co-sponsored the training program and used its resources to encourage public and private schools in the region to participate.

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In early December 2019, the College of Education will host a conference concerning the quality of teacher education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The conference is titled 'Teacher: Requirements for Development and Future Aspiration' and will be held under the patronage of the Minister of Education, His Excellency Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh, and supervision of the Saudi Scientific Association for Teachers (Jassem). King Khalid University Rector, Prof. Falleh Al-Solamy, explained that the purposes of the conference are to review the objectives and discuss the goals of improving teacher quality in accord with our national effort to achieve excellence in the classroom.


"Active dialogue and exchange of research and practice in initial and in-service teacher education will support the development of professional teachers at King Khalid University," said Rector Al-Solamy. He then applauded the valued patronage of His Excellency Dr. Al-Sheik, which falls under the Ministry of Education's interest in providing support to events that address the transformed role of teacher in the 21st century. His Excellency Rector Al-Solamy related, in his closing remarks, that this conference is focused on ways in which we can benefit from the success of local and international experiences in professional teacher development programs in accord with Vision 2030.


Vice Rector of Graduate Studies and Research, Dr. Saad Al-Amry, noted that the conference, which will include elite researchers at the domestic and international level, is set to focus on the defining role higher education has in preparing the next generation of teachers. Specifically, the program will discuss King Khalid University's plan to revamp professional development for teachers. Some of the key themes of the conference are teacher motivation, recruiting and preparing high-quality teachers, curriculum standards, technological infrastructure, research environment, administrative policies, and evaluation. These are all part and parcel of HRM King Salman's economic and developmental visions, more particularly set forth in Vision 2030.


On his part, Chairman of the Scientific Committee, Dean of the Faculty of Education, Dr. Abdullah Al-Kasi, addressed ongoing efforts. He related that the conference includes a number of topics including the preparation of future teachers in accord with Vision 2030. Dean Al-Kasi added that on the sidelines of the conference a number of training workshops will be delivered by specialists. Of noteworthy mention, the submission deadline is on the 15th of the current month.

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King Khalid University's College of Education recently signed a partnership agreement with Ain Shams University. The purpose of the agreement is to collaboratively leverage the resources and talents of each university to enhance the performance of both. The scope of the agreement includes bi-lateral ventures in: Graduate programs, scientific publication, scientific research, conventions, conferences, seminars, and academic exchange programs.


This agreement is the culmination of meetings among the Dean of the Faculty of Education at King Khalid University, Dr. Abdullah Al-Qasi, Vice Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Farah Al-Kardam, and the Vice-Rector of Ain Shams University for Graduate Studies and Research, Prof. Dr. Abdul Nasser Najjar. Dean Al-Qasi stated that the joint venture agreement demonstrates each institution's commitment to international cooperation and continuous academic development.

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King Khalid University hosted the 8th Innovation for Secretaries of Learning Centers meeting as part of the ETHRA program. The meeting was organized by the Saudi Scientific Association for Teachers (GSM) in conjunction with the General Administration of Education’s Asir Region Department of Training and Scholarships. The Dean of the College of Education, Dr. Abdullah Al Kasi, represented the university. 90 educators participated in the program.


The Head of Education Technology Department, and board member of the National Center for e-Learning, Dr. Abdullah Bin Yahya Al-Mahia, presided over the meeting. He led discussions on a variety of advanced educational and social issues. One forum titled 'Digital Age and Social Networks' addressed strategies for inherent risks of the digital generation and protecting students from cyber-crime.


The lecture also included a number of topics concerning integrating technology into education such as:


  • Digital Citizenship;
  • Information Development;
  • Creative Design;
  • Digital Processing;
  • Communications;
  • Digital Learning Systems.


In addition, the presentation addressed integration requirements for teachers. Dr. Al-Mahia discussed the various roles for teachers i.e. learner, leader, citizen, etc. Note that the strategies targeted for both students and teachers are governed by ISTE standards as set forth in the enabling documents as amended from time to time.

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The Saudi Scientific Teacher Association 'GSM' in collaboration with King Khalid University and the General Directorate of Education in Sarat Ubaida, held the sixth meeting for the ETHRA program. The meeting was held in the presence of the General Director of the GSM Association and the Dean of the College of Education, Dr. Abdullah Al-Kasi.


The meeting was geared toward school principals and general education supervisors. It discussed 'Leadership in Schools' through a variety of topics displayed over a two day period. On the first day, the meeting discussed 'Supervisor Performance' delivered by Dr. Mohammad Ghareb and Dr. Mohammad Abd Al-Twab. In addition, a session on 'Communication Skills' was delivered by Dr. Sultan Al-Makhlafi.


There were 2 major topics of discussion on the second day. First, Dr. Saeed Hadiha and Dr. Mohammad Al-Muslat delivered a presentation titled 'Leadership in Education in Light of the 2030 Vision'. The purpose was to provide details on the ways in which higher education both comports with and serves the goals outlined in Vision 2030. Next, Dr. Nasser Al-Shahrani discussed the appropriate and ever-changing roles of senior management and staff in higher education.


General Director of the GSM Association, Dr. Abdullah Al-Kasi, explained that the objective of this program is to show that higher education is an essential part of and will be integrated into the national objectives set forth in Vision 2030. Two of the major functions of this integration is to increase communication between educational executives and government leadership.


Dr. Al-Kasi emphasized that the College of Education is through the GSM is undertaking several initiatives to develop partnerships and collaborative efforts with education directorates in Asir and surrounding provinces. These partnerships are designed to enhance professional skills on behalf of faculty and staff, and improve educational outcomes.

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On the 16th and 17th of Jumādá Al-Ūlá, Dean of the College of Education at King Khalid University and the Director of the Saudi Scientific Committee for Teachers (GSM), Dr. Abdullah Al-Kasi, will participate in the Kingdom's Ninth Meeting for the College of Education Deans. The meeting will be held under the sponsorship of the Minister of Education at the University of Tabuk. A significant number of plenary sessions will take place. Dean Al-Kasi will introduce GSM and deliver a presentation in which he will explain the development of GSM and its goal.


Of note, the meeting is being held to foster increased interaction and exchange of experience among those in attendance. Raising the level of performance and enhancing the concept of education and learning among Saudi universities members is the overarching goal.

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On the 29th and 30th of Safar, the College of Education held a meeting that focused on qualitative research in the field of humanities.

In the first session, the meeting discussed the fundamentals of qualitative analysis, stressing the importance of using relevant criteria. In the second session, the latest developments and methods in qualitative research were discussed while providing a blueprint for the research process.

Dean of the College of Education, Dr. Abdullah Al-Kasi, explained that the first day of the meeting was devoted to the theoretical aspects of qualitative research delivered by Professor of Graduate Studies in the College of Education at the University of Jeddah, Dr. Rashid Al-Abdul Karim. On the second day, the meeting was devoted to the practical aspects of research.

Dean Al-Kasi observed that the meeting aimed to:

  • Emphasize the reality of qualitative research;
  • Identify recent trends in humanities-related qualitative research;
  • Enhancing humanities-related qualitative research and utilizing research applications.

A group of university employees attended the meeting in person with a sizeable portion joining the meeting through the university live stream platform, 'Tzamn'.

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College of Education pedagogy expert, Prof. Ahmed Sadiq Abdul Majeed, won the 35th Rashid bin Humaid Award for Culture and Science in the field of educational studies. His paper, “The Use of E-Projects in the Development of Entrepreneurship Skills and the Enhancement of Computer Learning in the College of Education", received high praise. The study aimed to develop entrepreneurship skills and enhance computer learning in the College of Education through the use of e-project strategies. To achieve the objective of the study, a sample of students were chosen from the bachelor's level in the College of Education at King Khalid University. The study stressed the necessity of training students to develop entrepreneurship skills before graduating from college to limit the unemployment rate and improve learning outcomes.

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On the 29th and 30th of Safar, the College of Education will hold a meeting on Qualitative “Research in Humanities” at the main male and female campuses.

Dean of the College of Education, Dr. Abdullah Al-Kasi, explained that the purpose of the meeting is to:

  • Review the fundamentals of qualitative analysis in the humanities;
  • Explain the latest research developments and methods of qualitative research in the field;
  • Encourage the increased use of relevant criteria and modern qualitative analysis.

The meeting will feature Dr. Rashid Al-Abdulkareem from King Saud University and Dr. Saleh Al-Zahrani from the University of Jeddah. Dr. Rashid Abdulkareem will discuss the fundamental theories of qualitative research methodologies. Dr. Saleh Al-Zahrani will discuss the skills and tools of qualitative research and provide two training sessions on research application.


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