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Within the activities and celebrations of World Arabic Language Day, the General Directorate of Information Technology (iT) participated in an initiative organized by Drupal Saudi Arabia to Arabize Umami, a digital scientific magazine. Graduates of King Khalid University's Department of Translation also participated in this initiative.


CIO, Dr. Mohammed Alsaqer, explained that this initiative is a chance to encourage Arab translators to Arabize the rest of Drupal's content. Lead project translator, Mr. Abdullah Omar, represented the General Directorate of Information Technology in the ceremony where the University was honored. This Ceremony was held on Monday, December 23, 2019, under the patronage of Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Vice Minister, H.E. Eng. Haytham Al-Ohali.


This main objective of this initiative, launched in conjunction with World Arabic Language Day and completed on December 25, 2019, is to significantly contribute to open source Arabization features within Drupal 8. Of noteworthy mention, many of the preeminent universities are powered by Drupal, which is one of the leaders in the open-source content management system (CMS) market. Some of those universities are Oxford, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and Penn State. Additionally, a number of US Government agencies utilize Drupal 8, such as NASA, the US Congress, and the US Department of State.


iT Participates in the Umami Arabization Initiative
King Khalid University-Media Center


The Deanship of e-Learning and the General Directorate of Information Technology organized a number of introductory meetings for new students and new faculty members. The purpose of these meetings is to provide new students and teachers technical training on the purposes, functions and methods of the university's electronic learning resources. Overall the aim is to improve the quality of instruction and create an enhanced learning environment for the students.


Training sessions included the use of 'Blackboard' for both students and teachers alike. Faculty members also received training on the design and implementation of e-courses using the prescribed standards set forth by 'Quality Matters'.


There was an online meeting for new students on e-learning systems on Monday, the 10th of Muharram. Topics covered included: e-learning concepts, e-learning systems at KKU, e-presence in both complete and integrated courses, e-learning services for students, accessing and exploring 'Blackboard', and virtual classrooms. Following the program was a question and answer session.


The General Directorate of Information Technology recently held a meeting to introduce and identify some of the electronic services available to the students on the university e-portal.

King Khalid University - Media Center

King Khalid University represented by the General Directorate of Information Technology launched the first edition of the iT Internship Program. The program will provide opportunities for interns to help deliver best-in-class technological solutions to the university and learn at the same time. The program is underscored by the university’s determination to develop the Saudi information and communications technologies (ICT) talent pool. The program was developed to simulate real-life work environments that require creativity and a strong work ethic. It will allow interns to bring their solutions and ideas to life while working on cutting-edge technology. By integrating academia, government stakeholders, policymakers, and the ICT industry, King Khalid University is investing in the future ICT workforce of the Kingdom and meeting the aims of the digital objectives of Vision 2030 and the Strategic Digital Transformation Plan of the university.

General Directorate of Information Technology Supervisor, Dr. Salem Alelyani, explained that the program aims to provide an opportunity for students and alumni of technical backgrounds to develop and gain talents, skills, and expertise by linking their theoretical academic knowledge to a practical work environment. Trainees will spend their time learning, working, and making connections. While the internship program boasts positive outcomes for those who complete it, King Khalid University will gain just as much from the experience as interns do. Through mentorship, guidance, and challenging projects, interns will be able to evaluate and understand their performance capabilities in the field. The one-year program includes a variety of areas, including: Application Development, Cybersecurity, Design, Digital Content, Digital Transformation, E-Commerce, Information Protection, Network Design, Project Management, Programming/Program Development, Quality and Documentations, Systems Analysis, Systems Architecture, Systems Integration, and Technical Support.

The program requirements include:

  • Applicants are Saudi citizens or Saudi university scholarship students;
  • Applicants must be currently enrolled in Saudi universities and colleges;
  • Applicants must not have any to any academic or work commitments during the training program;
  • Applicants must complete all required hours of training;
  • Applicants must pass the program interview;
  • Applicants educational background must apply to the training program;
  • The internship program duration is one year.

For more information and to apply,  click here.

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