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Important announcement for Master and PhD programs

Important announcement for those who would like to apply for Master and PhD programs.

The Graduate Studies Deanship of King Khalid University is urging those who would like to apply for Master and PhD programs for the academic year 1436-1437 AH, to speed up preparation to sit for the examination of General Competencies for the academicians. The examination has become a compulsory condition for applying for most of the programs executed by the university.  


 Graduate Studies Deanship at King Khalid University announces starting the admission for available postgraduate programs for the stages( Master& PhD) in the next year 1435/1436 AH for all students, boys and girls. Application will be via the university portal on the following link starting from Sunday 23/04/1435 AH to Saturday 7/05/1435 AH cording to the following terms:

1- Master admission terms

2- PhD admission terms

3- The most important information to apply via the portal.

4- Postgraduate programs available for admission 

5- Admission Guide    




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