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King Khalid University is arranging  Nursing Conference in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Al Gelban: The 30th of January will be the deadline to receive research resumes.

King Khalid University, Abha is ready to arrange Nursing Conference in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the title" Sciences and profession, Challenges and solutions" from 10 to 11/5/1435AH. The conference will focus on some pillars including university Nursing education through identifying problems that encounter Nursing as a profession inside government and private health sectors in addition to recognizing what’s new in the field of Nursing.

An elite group will participate in the conference; academic speakers from Saudi universities, specialists in different health sectors inside the Kingdom in addition to a number of international speakers from USA, Australia, Bahrain, Jordan and Egypt.

The University Vice President Assistant and the Chairman of the committee organizing the conference Dr. Khalid Al Gelban emphasised that arranging such conference comes as a result of what the Kingdom is witnessing now of great leaps in health services field and in the same time as an acknowledgment of the role it should take in the field of scientific research support. 

Dr. Al Gelban added that the organization committee determined the 30th of January 2014 to be the deadline to receive research resumes and the conference will grant 22 accredited hours of continuing medical education. He also invite all who concern to attend and take part in the conference.

To contact  with the organization committee on the following phones:


Or via e-mail:

King Khalid University signs 7 international agreements 
King Khalid University signed recently 7 international scientific cooperation agreements with a number of international universities to exchange information and experiences and to improve the main outputs of the university.
The agreements included a deal with Nevada, Las Vegas university to implement an assessment program for Dentistry courses, a deal with Arizona university to assess curricula and scientific research in Pharmacy college, a deal between Pennsylvania university and Pharmacy university, the Dutch University Groningen with the College of Computer , also included cooperation with the governmental University of Pennsylvania , the University of Michigan in the field of e-learning , as well as cooperation with the University of Madison Skansen in the field of distance education .
The supervisor of the International Cooperation Department of the university , Dr. Ahmed Nahari emphasised that King Khalid University is seeking to take advantage of the distinctive experiences of world universities, indicating that other agreements are currently proceeding with a number of other world universities to develop curricula and create a research collaboration and common supervision programs .   



Plastic Art procession in a lecture at King Khalid University

In the presence of Education College Dean at King Khalid University, Dr. Mohamed Hassan Al Safran besides a number of Teaching Staff members, departments’ Heads and a group of students, a member of the teaching staff at the college and the Director of Asir Jsvet, Dr. Ali Marzook gave a lecture titled" Plastic Art in Asir" in the auditorium of Education College. During the lecture, he clarified the path of Plastic Art in Asir and its importance in raising art taste of the community. Also, he presented some critic readings citing with some artworks participating in the gallery which accompanied the lecture for a number of Asir Jsvet artists represented by Ibrahim Alomai, Melfi Al Shehri, Saeed Al-Shahrani, Khalid Hanif, Hussein Al-Asmari, Bandar Al-Asmari, Mohammed Moaidh, and calligrapher Abdul Majid, in addition to Plastic arts works to the lecturer.    



After getting the 1st position in  Supportive Projects, King Abdul Aziz is honouring researcher

Al Seheimi from King Khalid University.

His Royal Highness Prince Turki Bin Saud Bin Mohammed Al Saud, the Vice President of King Abdul Aziz City for Sciences and Technology, the Chairman of the Supervisory Committee for the National Plan for sciences, technology and innovation honoured Prof. Dr. Abdullah Al Seheimi, the Director of Advanced Materials Distinctive Research Center at King Khalid University during the 16th meeting of  the Supervisory Committee for the National Plan for sciences, technology and innovation which was held recently at King Abdul Aziz City for Sciences and Technology, Riyadh.

Dr. Al Seheimi gave a speech summarizing his research project which is titled" Dyes Stimulus for combinations of ultrafine titanium dioxide for solar cells: towards increasing the efficiency of converting the sun energy into electricity". The presentation included an explanation of ​​the project idea and its importance to the Kingdom and highlighted the results and their impact on the future of science and technology in the Kingdom.

The project won the 1st position in the supportive projects from the City within the National Plan for sciences, Technology and innovations. It’s worth mentioning that Prof. Dr. Abdullah Al Seheimi is one of the distinctive scientific competencies at King Khalid University and got many excellence awards in research and technology field besides recording a number of patents

A permanent Committee for Administrative Development at King Khalid University.

His Excellency King Khalid University, Prof. DR. Abdulrahman Bin Hamid Al Dawood, issued a resolution to format A permanent Committee for Administrative Development at the University headed by the University President Advisor for Development Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Bin Yahia Al Gebeily, a membership of Academic Development and Quality, Continuing Education and Community Service Dean, the Dean of Employees and Teaching Staff Deanship, the Dean of Students’ Affairs Deanship for Quality and Development, Teaching Staff Deanship Vice President in addition to the Financial Administration Director, the Director of Administrative Leaders Preparing Center and the Director of Training and Scholarship Department as a secretary to the committee.

The Committee will work on studying university needs regarding training and development in administrative and academic fields besides the workshops held inside and outside the university. The Committee directly followed the university President.   

The University President sent soon recovery wish letters to Asir Central Hospital inpatients

At the directions of His Excellency King Khalid University president, Prof. Dr. Abdulrahman Bin Hamid Al Dawood, a number of the Volunteering Work Club members from Students’ Affairs Deanship visited some inpatients at Asir Central Hospital on 21/2/1435AH to reassure and mitigate them. They passed them number of letters from the University President who wished them soon recovery and he offered some symbolic gifts presented from the university.

The Student Activity Administration Director at Students’ Affairs Deanship, Mr. Ali Bin Saleh explained that such visit comes within the guidance of His Excellency the University President who cherished communication with the community and within the activities of a program called " Moafa" which is organized by the Volunteering Work Club at the University stressing on the approval and positive effect the visit achieved on the patients and their relatives especially the University President’s letters which contained his wish for them of soon recovery.  


His Excellency the University President’s statement regarding the announcement of the state’s General Budget.

His Excellency King Khalid University President prof. Dr. Abdulrahman Bin Hamid Al Dawood described the state’s General Budget of the financial year 1434/1435AH to be the budget of welfare and givings and a proof of development because of the enormous, comprehensive projects it includes to save welfare to the citizen, build  the human being and develop the place where we live. The budget estimated as follows: revenues 855billion SR, expenditures 855 billion SR.

On this occasion, Dr. Al Dawood assured in his statement that a budget with such historical figures is a proof of the wise direction of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his government and his ambitious policies, insights which bear in mind as a priority the citizen’s development, education, health and welfare. It also granted the citizen job opportunities and a chance to take part in the development of his/her country and society.

 Concerning education sector in the budget of bless, King Khalid University considered appointing 210 billion SR for education sector; 25% of approved expenditures an indicator of the state’s care of human being development which is a basis of any kind of progress and prosperity. Of course this budget comes within the directions and advice to grant the citizens chances of training and education in order to be armed with science and knowledge to be able to participate in building this country.

Dr. Al Dawood, on behalf of King Khalid University Employees, thanked and appreciated the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for all what he attributed to King Khalid University in this budget hence the budget of the university for the following year reached 3726 billion SR to be estimated as the largest one since the establishment of the university and course this will be a support to reach distinction and creativity.   

Finally, He prayed to Allah the Almighty to protect the Custodian of the Two Holly Mosques and His Highness the Crown Prince and the Second Deputy Premier, and His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdul-Aziz, Governor of Asir region - God protect them and to grant them the best in return and to perpetuate the bless and security on this immaculate country.   

King Khalid University President inaugurates activities of a debate seminar

(e-courses;  Development & Participation)

His Excellency King Khalid University President, Prof. Dr. Abdulrahman Bin Hamid Al-Dawood inaugurated on Thursday  the 11th discussion seminar which is organized by e-learning and Distance Education National Center in cooperation and host of King Khalid University under the title (E-curricula, Development & Participation) which was held under the auspices of His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education , Dr. Khalid Al-Ankary and it lasted for two days in which experiments of the educational institutes regards digital education content inside the Kingdom besides international, future directions and experiments in this field.

In his speech, the university President welcomed His excellency the General Director of e-learning and Distance Education National Center and all the guests of the university, Deans, e learning officials in the Saudi universities stressing on the university readiness to offer all what could participate in achieving the center’s mission and goals.

HE Dr Abdullah bin Mohammed Muqrin, Director General of the National Centre for e-learning and Distance Education, Advisor at the Ministry of Higher Education that the seminar comes within a series of scientific debate seminars organized by the National Centre for e-learning and Distance Education in continuation of the systematic of rooting aiming scientific mobility, and expand opportunities of debate about critical issues in the field of e-learning, which is adopted inevitably  by the world to enrich learning methods and receiving at the academic level.

On his side, Dean of E-Learning Deanship at King Khalid University, Dr. Abdullah Alwalidi underscored that the seminar aims to restrict initiatives and projects in the digital courses in the Saudi educational universities and  institutions, as well as function the merits of e-courses to support the learning process, and come up with recommendations and results to unify the work of educational institutions in digital courses .

It is worth mentioning that the debate seminar was accompanied by many events such as a number of training workshops ,a  meeting of the Deans of e-learning and Distance Education in the Saudi universities. . Which comes within the framework of consultation and exchange of views and ideas about e-learning and its current position, and evaluate it objectively and scientifically in order to reach the means to develop and implant it in our society.


His Royal Highness Prince Faisal Bin Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz, Governor of the Asir region,  sponsored a Community Partnership Forum at King Khalid University on Monday 13/2/1435AH titled, Community Partnership is a Constructive Cooperation towards Sustainable Development, at the Central Stands of the University. The forum aimed at strengthening the direction of the government sector towards community partnership which looks forward to sustainable community development. The forum suggested various successful experiments and distinct initiatives in the field of community partnership besides recognition of success factors in order to be identified and improved.    

Participants will show experiments and distinct initiatives of the universities, governmental entities and other business sectors in strengthening and activating community partnership. The forum was directed to charity pioneers, researchers, developers, educators and trainers in addition to the officials of social responsibility departments and administrations.

On this occasion, the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Abdulrahman Bin Hamid Aldawood, on behalf of the university employees thanked  His Royal Highness Prince Faisal Bin Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz, Governor of the Asir region for his sponsorship to the forum and his ongoing follow –up to the university affairs and his sustainable support to the university to achieve its goals and ambitious vision in all educational and research missions besides community service.

King Khalid University, represented by the Library Affairs Deanship, starts its participation in the 24th round of the Doha International  Book Fair. Its activities were inaugurated on Wednesday evening in the presence of approximately 360 international publishing houses from 29 countries.

The Dean of Library Affairs, Dr. Saad Bin Qasem Al-Khalidi, explained the keenness of the university to participate in relevant regional and international events to display scientific outputs. He also added that a primary purpose is also to showcase the regional image of the university and the role it performed after the unparalleled support and directions of the His Excellency the University President, Prof. Dr. Abdulrahman Bin Hamid Al-Dawood. He added that the university held a distinct position within the book fair that included many of the publications and works of its employees which varied from specialized scientific research to books. 


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