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Within the training partnership with the Saudi Digital Library, Library Affairs Deanship at King Khalid University carried out training courses in using transactions databases and searching in them for three days.

The courses implemented varied between medical and graphic databases which include all majors and colleges; we put in consideration all courses that may concern the trainee. Courses are like (EBSCO), (IEEE), (BMJ). More than 200 trainees attended these courses (male and female).

Library affairs Deanship Dean, Dr.Saad Al-Khaldi clarified that the university participated in the Saudi Digital Library with more than 57 databases such as (EBSCO), (IEEE). Each one of them presents a service to the Digital library as university courses in using its own database, which contains a lot of magazines and researches, in order to benefit the content.

Concerning the outcomes of the courses, Dr. Al-Khaldi said, "All these courses definitely result in spreading and enriching scientific research in addition to the study courses that benefit the student during his academic study." 


King Khalid University, Media Center

Personnel and Teaching Staff Deanship issued its annual report for the current year from 1/1/1435 to 5/5/1435 AH.

 The report mentioned that the deanship has received 42.935 transactions, 40.989 has accomplished (95%), the rest are 2057.

On his turn, the Dean of Personnel and Teaching Staff Affairs Deanship, Dr. Abdullah Bin Hadi Al-Qahtani confirmed that the reasons of unaccomplished transactions are due to the need to resolutions and documents from related sites. He added, " The deanship is an end point for some transactions."  


In a " No disability with will" campaign,

Nursing Students at King Khalid University delight 60 disables.

King Khalid University, Media Center

King Khalid University is still offer services and support for the community by arranging many medical, awareness, cultural campaigns and others for fun.

Under a slogan" No disability with will", a campaign for fun for 60 disables, male and female, in different ages was launched and arranged by students of grade 7 and 8, nursing college, Abha for 5 hours yesterday in Asir mall timing with Disable World Day.   

University Center Dean, Dr. Shonayfa Al-Qarni and Nursing College Vice President, Dr. Adlya Tawfeek, supervised  the campaign in participation of Dr. Mona Abdulmaksood, Dr. Maysaa, Dr. Dawlat.

The campaign aimed at raising society awareness towards disables so that every person in  the society could interact, care of them.

On her turn, the campaign Supervisor Assistant and Nursing College Vice President, Dr. Adlya Tawfeek confirmed that arranging such campaigns is so essential to raise the university awareness towards disables and said," It is the students’ idea in order to delight, entertain disables and to inform supervisors how to deal with this dear class. "

She added," I attended all charity societies that were arranged in the region to serve disables such as Al-Janoub Center to take care of disables, Al-Nour Center, Al-Amal Center, wholly rehabilitation."

Dr. Tawfeek acknowledged that the Arabian communities still need more awareness and knowledge of how to deal, interact with disables and to respect them. She pointed at the essential role of the universities to raise society awareness.

On her turn, a student from Nursing College and participated in the campaign, Bayan Ayed Al-Shelty clarified that the campaign coincide with Disable World Day.

Al-Shelty also clarified that the campaign included several parts such as educational brochures about disables, hospitality corner, drawings corner, a corner of exhibition that displayed disables’ works.

Al-Shelty was so happy as the disables interact with competitions, drawings and other actions. She said, " I felt great enthusiasm and happiness in their faces."

On her turn, the social worker in Wholly rehabilitation center, Abha, Fatma Hadi confirmed that society awareness of disables has recently increased and every person in the society began to look at their innovations and strengths not their disability. She said, " Disable’s needs are psychological, educational, medical and financial. They need support and help to integrate into the society."     


King Khalid University - Media Center

Grade 6 students from Dentistry College, King Khalid University, Abha organized a campaign to raise awareness of oral health under a slogan " I want to smile" The campaign took place in the 12th  Elementary School for girls, Abha and lasted for two and half hours last Thursday .

From her side, Nora Al-Shahrani, a student in grade 6, Medicine College and responsible for the group explained that we got the idea from our study of "Oral Preventive Medicine" subject which includes a lot of ideas regarding  protecting our teeth particularly for children. We  found great acceptance to the idea , especially with the opening of student Dental Club, and everyone cooperates with us. Al-Shahrani also showed that the campaign included awareness corner , corner to diagnose fluoride in collaboration with students at grade 9 , coloring corner and a corner of decayed teeth .

She said, " During the campaign, we were keen to distribute gifts to the students; a bag containing toothpaste and brush , a schedule for brushing teeth and a drawing for coloring. Thanks to Allah, ​​the campaign made a great success ."

From her side, Kawther Ahmed Dafa Allah, lecturer at Dentistry College, King Khalid University confirmed that the interaction of the students with the campaign was a strong indicator of their awareness of oral health .


Now, the world is witnessing rapid, successive changes and developments in all government and private sectors , therefore we are searching for distinction, greater efficiency, innovation and application of all what is new in the field of development and improvement.

Although the organizations have similar mechanisms in management, good service and satisfaction of their customers is the most important factor of being distinctive , which has become increasingly an essential element of their business strategy and a strong indicator of organization success.

So, IT Directorate at King Khalid University has arranged a Course in Customer Care at the meeting hall through which the administration seeks to maintain customer satisfaction. The course was presented by Dr. Amjad Mohammed Al-Muhanna , who described it as a very important issue and Help Desk Department as necessary especially 8000 service through which we respond to customers and meet their needs. Serving customers through calling is art that needs special team with special characteristics. A person who receives calls should let the customer feels the employee’s smile while speaking. Also, we should unify a set of phrases to be used when responding to customers.  This kind of work enables us to make good relations with the society.

Moreover, Dr. Amjad concluded that the course participants will get certificates from the General Directorate of Information Technology and another course will be held for the employees in the evening.



It is worth mentioning that the course aimed to the following :

- To improve customer service staff skills and how to deal with them professionally by identifying all the skills needed for that when making calls or receiving it .

- To enable participants to create an atmosphere of familiarity with customers through training them on modern approaches.

- To enable participants to identify customers’ attitudes and train them on how to deal with every manner .

- To enable participants to read the thoughts of callers.

- To enable participants to understand what the caller is thinking about.

 The course will continue for 3 days and targeted Help Desk staff and secretaries .



·         Soon,  no rented premises for Girls’ Colleges

·         Establishing biggest specialized Media Center: University City, Al-Farah

·         King Khalid University embraces 1st Media Forum, Asir Province

King Khalid University, Media Center 

His Excellency, the University President, Professor Abdulrahman Bin Hamid Al-Dawood, praised the great role of the Media as a cardinal partner for success in overcoming obstacles that may occur. He added, "We should work hard to fill this gap and be close to each other."

He expressed these thoughts during his speech at the 1st Forum for Media professionals, held in Asir Province, which was organized by King Khalid University yesterday at the Abha Palace Hotel in the presence of the Head of the Media and Communication Department and the supervisor of the Media Center, Dr. Ali Bin Sheweil Al-Qarni, and the university’s official spokesman, Dr. Mohammed Hamid Al-Behari, and a group of those who work in the Media field. The forum aims at building bonds of communication between all media sites in a concerted effort to "fill the gap" between academics and media specialists. The conference lasted for two hours.

At its beginning, Dr. Al-Dawood welcomed all media professionals, saying, "This initiative has been instituted by the university as it is our duty to take wholistic  responsibility for the region and its media, especially after establishing the Media and Communication Center. Dr. Al-Dawood blamed journalists of the region, saying "Asir is a promising region and has enormous touristic destinations, which haven’t been elaborated on properly yet."

Agreement - Cooperation - Communication - Union

Regarding his meeting with media professionals and their expected goals, Dr. Al-Dawood confirmed that there should be Agreement,  Cooperation, Communication, and Union between academics and media professionals, and said, "This is our duty towards professionals in the media field and other fields." He added, "As everyone knows, the university has three main goals: Education and Teaching, Research, Community Service. The university, indeed, takes steady steps by living with the community and offering services, whether in the governmental sector or the private sector, in addition to individuals. "The last activity at the university regarding this matter was a "Community Partnership" forum. He said, "The University will present a national award for community partnership, God willing.

Transparency and Clarity

Dr. Al-Dawood asked all media professionals for transparency and clarity, and said, "We are here to deliver an important message to our dear country. As it is known, the Kingdom and its youth are facing challenges and stresses from misguided movements and idealists, so we have to gather, in all fields, against what can harm our country or youth."


He said that the university was proud of Aafaq Newspaper, and all it  presented since inception, and, according to the university community and the public, Afaq Newspaper surpassed borders, and we are expecting more.

University City, Al-Farah

Regarding the University City project at Al-Farah, the President clarified that the city is considered one of the biggest university cities in the Middle East. It is located over an area of ​​8 million square meters and can accommodate more than 100 thousand people, contain a large number of Colleges, Deanships, Research Centers, quality housing for teaching staff and for students, as well as a Sport City, which can accommodate more than 20 thousand spectators. There is also a service tunnel 17 kilometers long serving the city in general, as well as the largest theater in the Kingdom, which can accommodate 4600 seats. It will serve the region in its coming touristic and theatre-based activities, God willing.

He thanked those who support the founding of the large university city, led by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, and His Highness, the Crown Prince, His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz, the Second Deputy Premier, His Royal Highness Prince Muqrin bin Abdul Aziz, may Allah protect them all, and the Prince of Asir Region, His Royal Highness, Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdul Aziz, who always sponsors university activities.

The largest professional media center

Dr. Al-Dawood also uncovered the establishment of the largest professional media center at University City, Al-Farah. He said, "We feel it is our duty to set up such centers in all specialities and that there should be a partnership between the university and the media in all its specialties: conferences, forums, and seminars that serve all society." He also declared the establishment of a Media College in the next few years.

Soon, no rented premises for Girls’ Colleges

He also announced that there will not be rented premises for Girls Colleges in future, and said, "We received considerable support, which contributes to re-establishing Girls’ Colleges in all provinces of the region. He added, "Soon, there will not be rented premises and we are looking forward to more than one Girls University in the region."

Media Department at the university

Prof. Ali Bin Al-Qarni Shuweil welcomed all media professionals, both female and male, and he pointed to the "positive" role of the media in imparting facts professionally, and its role in solving some of the problems that may occur in any given situation. Dr. Ali then stopped to talk about establishing a "Media Department" at the university, accompanied by serious follow-up in order to choose the most important specialties that keep pace with the local and international labor market, and keep pace with the modern media in various fields. In another matter, Al-Qarni explained that the development of Afaq newspaper, as the first newspaper using the "Web" system, is a positive matter for university journalism in general and for King Khalid University in particular, Afaq distributes more than 45 thousand copies across the Kingdom, and 10 thousand copies within Al-Watan newspaper in the cities of Riyadh and Abha. He also announced that the university will sign a package of contracts that serve the students of the Media Department, most notably the signing of a contract with the Al Jazeera newspaper chair for Saudi Media in Radio and Television, and a co-operation agreement with Al-Arabiya television channel, which aims at training students of the Media Department at the TV channel, and Al-Arabiya News website. He also confirmed that the purpose of establishing a media center is to provide adequate information to all journalists, and be in constant communication with them, and experience the media in different forms; it will include a television studio, and a radio studio to provide such services in addition to the newsroom, which will arrange a newsletter, which will be produced by the students of the Media Department.

At the end of the meeting, he received dozens of questions from media professionals:

Ahmed Me’fa from broadcasting media asked about the university’s role in handling the thoughts of the youth.

Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Dawood answered that there is no doubt that misguided thought concerns the university and that it is handled through research, which is about to be completed and by forming a committee to arrange awareness activities regarding this matter. There are also a lot of programs delivered by the Student Affairs Deanship.

Sultan Al-Ahmary, from Al-Riyadh Newspaper: What is the policy of the university in selecting teaching staff, a media curriculum and the compatibility of its media policy with the Saudi public opinion?

Dr. Ali bin Shuweil answered that the Media Department plan is a modern plan that includes basic materials for the Saudi media and distinguished by English language proficiency, as well as focusing on the Arabic language curriculum.  The Media Department will be launched soon, with many plans for the media and merits.

Hassan Al-Saed, from Al-Sharq newspaper: A question directed to university media spokesman, Dr. Mohammed Buhairi, in which he asked that when news is issued by the university and a journalist needs to develop it and requires contact with the official spokesman, how do they proceed when the university permanently who does not react?

Dr. Mohammed Buhairi answered that there is a misunderstanding among the media regarding the spokesman's role, which involves finding the information required in order to present it to media professionals but that this takes time. He apologized to all journalists to whom he couldn't respond and asked them to communicate via email or SMS.

Mohammed Tufail, from the Saudi Press Agency: How many chairs have been approved by scientific research to date and is there any intent to increase the number? Can information on the chair for Tourism be revealed, since the area has popular touristic destinations?

The University President answered, saying that a higher committee was recently established evaluating scientific chairs, which differs from research chairs under the "scientific chairs committee" title. He said, "You know that the Prince Faisal bin Khalid Chair for youth innovation and invention was the last chair the university inaugurated. There are many chairs and we aren’t interested only in in titles of chairs, we want the sort of scientific chair that plays a specific scientific role and achieves the goals and vision set for it.

Establishing the biggest specialized Media Center in the University City, Al-Farah


Prepared by: Mansour Al-Ayaf

Photographer: Khalil Asemi

Under the auspices of his Royal Highness, Prince Faisal Bin Khalid Al Saud, the activities of the 1st International Nursing Conference were launched under the title "Science and Profession: Challenges and Solutions" on Tuesday at the Abha Palace Hotel. The conference was organized by King Khalid University and attended by the University Vice President’s Assistant and the Chairman of the committee organizing the conference, Dr. Khalid Al Gelban, the General Director of Asir Health Affairs, Dr. Ibrahim Ahefzy, and the Health Ministry Undersecretary of Nursing,  Dr. Munira Al-Osaimi in addition to a large number of academic speakers from Saudi Universities, specialists from different health sectors in the Kingdom, as well as a number of speakers from the United States, Australia, Bahrain, Jordan and Egypt. 


Nursing Challenges and Chances

Professor Anahid Klwaka started the conference with a display in which she spoke about “Nursing Challenges and Chances”. Nursing College Dean at King Saud University, Dr.Haya Al-Fowzan, spoke about “Innovations to Achieve Uniqueness”,  which will affect nursing colleges. There was an exhibition accompanying the conference. The exhibition included many  attendees from all Asir Nursing Colleges who showcased modern technology in the nursing field. 

Opening the Exhibition accompanying the conference

King Khalid University President, Professor Abdulrahman Bin Hamid Al-Dawood, launched the 1st International Nursing Conference under the title "Nursing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sciences and Profession: Challenges and Solutions" at the Abha Palace Hotel. He also launched the accompanying exhibition. The University President  inspected the exhibition, in which a number of the university’s colleges took part. 

Scientific Committee Chairman

Scientific Committee Chairman, Dr. Shonyfa Al-Qarni, gave a speech to clarify the purpose of organizing such a conference. She said it aims at spotlighting new trends in the nursing field, pointing out speakers and participants in the conference from the United States, Australia, and Arab countries in addition to specialists and academics from Saudi Health sectors and universities. Dr. Al-Qarni confirmed that there was a preparation period for the conference that lasted for 3 months, during which the scientific committee received 117 scientific summaries, presentations, and posters. 35 specialization research papers were chosen and displayed in sessions, covering conference pillars in addition to the 30 scientific posters, including 12 scientific research posters from the students of the Nursing College at the university. She added that, in addition to the conference activities, there was an accompanying exhibition in which nursing colleges displayed their works and showcased the great educational effort they make in both the university and society. Dr. Al-Qarni clarified that more than 1500 people attend the conference on its first day. She described the conference as one of the scientific bridges which contributes to increasing the level of the Asir community scientifically and hygienically, and draws an image of a shining future for nursing in the south of the Kingdom. 

A Word from His Excellency, the University President 

His Excellency, the University President, gave a speech to clarify that the 1st International Nursing Conference was approved by His Royal Highness, Prince Khalid Bin Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz, the Asir Province Governor, with the presence of more than 2000 participants, both male and female. He pointed out the purpose of arranging such conferences, and challenges and difficulties that face the nursing profession in order to find solutions that would be covered during the conference sessions. Dr Al-Dawood stressed the importance of such scientific activities, pointing at the conferences, workshops, and forums the university organized this year as well as the  number of conferences still to come. He said, "One of the Education institutes’ missions is to arrange such scientific conferences so that students can expand their education, not only in the classroom, but also through conferences and by getting to meet experts from the university or elsewhere. 

Participants in the Display

  •    King Khalid University Hospital
  •    King Fahd Medical City
  •    College of Nursing, Abha
  •    College of Applied Medical Sciences, Al-Namas
  •    College of Applied Medical Sciences, Bishah
  •     College of Applied Medical Sciences, Mahyal Asir
  •     College of Nursing, Khamis Mushait

  Conference Goals   

It is worth mentioning that the conference aimed at focusing on a number of pillars: Nursing education at the university, recognizing problems and challenges that face nursing as a profession at governmental level and in the private sector, in addition to the latest advances in the field of nursing science. The conference included six scientific sessions distributed over two days. There were international speakers from the United States, Australia, Bahrain, Jordan, and Egypt in addition to a number of specialists and academics from Saudi universities and health sectors.

A number of students also participated in organizing conference sessions in addition to informative sessions on the measurement of blood pressure, sugar levels, and weight for those who attended the conference and desired to do so. There were two corners, one for men and the other for women. Another group of students participated in the conference’s different organizational committees.

 Honorable Participants

 Dr. Ibrahim bin Sulaiman Alhfeza: Director General of Health Affairs, Asir

  • Dr. Haya Al Fawzan: Dean of the College of Nursing, King Saud University
  • Dr. Hasnaa Irfan: Dean of the College of Nursing, King Abdulaziz University
  • Dr. Msheeal bin Mishal Olayyani: Dean of the College of Applied Medical Sciences, Khamis Mushayt
  • Dr. Sabaah Saad Al-Sherkawi: Dean of the College of Science, Ain ​​Shams University
  • Dr. Atricia de Antonio: Dean of the Faculty of Science, Pennsylvania University
  • Dr. Paul Norman: Associate Professor of Nursing Science, Diseka University
  • Dr. Inas Mohammed: Associate Professor, Teba University
  • Dr. Inas Auf Assaf: Associate Professor, King Fahd Military Hospital
  • Dr. Anahid Klwaka: Professor of Nursing, Aomas University, Boston 

More than 1500 participants comprising students and employees, men and women registered for the first day of the conference


Nursing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Sciences and Profession between Challenges and Solutions


King Khalid University, Media Center

King Khalid University has recently signed a training agreement for its employees in collaboration with Ro’ya Center ( positive vision) in the presence of the Dean of Continuing Learning and  Community service Dr. Mubarak Bin Saeed Hemdan. The agreement aims at carrying out many goals: improve the performance of the employee, hence he will get, during training, new information and mechanisms which enable the university to occupy its supervisory jobs with persons who have updated their information in the field of developing ideas and new procedures.

Based on this agreement, there will be a course for the university new employees( Men & Women) under the title: Time effective Investment.

Signing was attended by the Vice President of Teaching Staff, employees Affairs Deanship for Development and technology  Dr.Ali Al-Elyani, Vice President of Community Service Deanship for Learning and Training Affairs Dr. Al Al Yaser, Trainig Dept. Head at Continuing Learning and Community Service Deanship Dr. Ibrahim Mehrez.       


Within the continuous development king Khalid University witness in developing the understructure of Libraries Affairs Deanship to provide researchers and visitors with supportive services, the 2nd stage of archiving, joining and preparing King Khalid University libraries project was included within the budget of current year( 1,500,000 SR). The project aims at updating understructure to cope up with era needs, increase the service quality and to pave the road to researchers to reach knowledge sources easily which will contribute in thrusting scientific research in the university. Also, it will enable the university employees to search the library contents without visiting it.

Dr. Saed Al-Khaldi, Libraries Affairs Dean stated that the university sub libraries will witness during the current year various developing projects that cost more than 1,200,000 SR and all sub libraries will be joined electronically to the central one to enable the researchers in the province to benefit the services submitted by all university libraries.

His Excellency pointed at the central library at Al-Gryger which contains more than 100,000 titles and linked electronically to 52 international databases which include millions of Arabic and foreign titles. Next year 1433/1434 AH, The library was provided with about 7500 materials: Arabic and foreign books, academic periodicals and dissertations. The increased number in borrowing books from the library proved the effective role it plays in providing researchers and readers with books they may need; borrowing processes exceeded last year 38,000 for 75,316 book.

It is worth mentioning that the university libraries  offer services not only for the university students or employees but also for student who don’t belong to it besides other persons from the society.   

the 1st Nursing Conference in the Kingdom





King Khalid University, Media Center

Under the auspices of His Royal Highness Prince Faisal Bin Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz,  Asir Province Prince, His Excellency King Khalid University President Abdulrahman Bin Hamid Al-Dawood inaugurates today the 1st Nursing Conference under the title( Nursing at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Sciences and Profession between Challenges and Solutions) at 7:00 o’clock p.m. in Asir Hall, Abha Palace Hotel.

The conference aims at focusing on a number of pillars; Nursing education at the university, recognizing problems and challenges that face nursing as a profession at governmental and private sectors in addition to the latest in the field of nursing sciences. The conference will include six scientific sessions distributed on two days. There are international speakers from the United States, Australia, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt besides a number of specialists and academics from the Saudi universities and health sectors.

On the margin of the conference, there is a themed exhibition a lot of governmental health entities will take part in in order to show their activities and programs. Also, a number of students will participate in organizing conference sessions in addition to Measurements of pressure, sugar levels and weight for those who attend the conference and desire to do so and there will be two corners one for men and the other for women. Another group of students will participate in the conference different organizational committees.

On her side, Girls’ study Media Center Dean and the Chief of the scientific committee of the conference Dr, Shonyfa Bint Mohamed Al-Qarni expressed her happiness in Asir Prince’s sponsorship to the activities of the conference which is expected to be the thrust to exert our best efforts to let it succeed. She pointed at receiving a lot of scientific posts which achieve the goals of the conference. She said, " We received 116 posts, we accepted 66 which have scientific quality distributed into 33 presentations and 33 scientific posters."

It is worth mentioning that the conference will provide participants with 20 continuous medical education hours accredited by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialities.

On her side, Nursing College Vice President Dr. Adlia Tawfeeq clarified that the conference aims at exchanging experiences among participating colleges and countries. She said, " The conference will be the first step towards recognizing the importance of nursing profession in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and so participating countries. It will be like the backbone on which all who work in heath field in general and nursing in particular can depend on."

Furthermore, Nursing Associate Professor Dr. Hala Gabr expressed her happiness in organizing such conference and said," We found great  enthusiasm from the students to take part in this conference." She added, "  They, the students, participated with scientific researches." Mashal Al-Asmari, a student from the 6th level, Nursing College and participating in the conference clarified that arranging such conferences will definitely help us in our profession as nurses.



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