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Believing in the value of spreading knowledge in the field of information technology, the iT Deanship hosted the International Open Resources Day Workshop, which aimed to spread the culture of open resources and the current areas of implementation now and in the future. The event was structured to cater to those interested in data and making use of their experience in finding solutions, innovations and investing in them.

The event began with a speech from the CIO, Dr. Salem Fayez Aleyani, where he commented on the future vision of analyzing data and the importance of utilizing open data in the workplace. He further related the understated value in increasing the community’s participation in data analysis and creativity in the transparent process of decision making. He also added that King Khalid University has started developing its policies for open data and its uses in accordance with Vision 2030 and a central objective to move towards a knowledge-based economy.

Following after, Ahmed Al-Qahtani, software engineer, spoke about the applications and experiences of the global open data market and the role it plays in improving the quality of services provided. After that, Yousry Ahmed, software engineer, analyzed Google models and how to utilize them in relation to open data. The topic of future open data applications and the internet of things in smart cities was presented by Mrs. Hind Assiri. The event was concluded by a representation of some applications in the field of education and e-learning which were linked to the accessibility of data and the spread of cultural awareness and community service.

It is worth mentioning that the event drew in over 40 participants -- in the male brainstorming room and the female training room --  as well as a high number of those watching the broadcast of the event from outside the university. At the end of the meeting, a tech community for those interested in open resources and its application was launched --  to join click here.

kku - media center

The Development and Stability for Yemen hashtag launched by His Excellency the University Rector Dr. Faleh Al-Solamy, which was synchronized with the Efforts of the Coalition Countries in the Development and Stability of Yemen Symposium, topped Twitter trends.

A large number of influential figures from society, such as Dr. Tariq Habib, and Mohamed El-Tunisi, and the artist and writer Ali El-Hamidi participated in the hashtag. International Political Analyst, Ahmed Al-Shehri, tweeted thanking King Khalid University on organizing a symposium centered on the development and stability of Yemen. The mission of the symposium was noted to have two primary goals; the first goal looks inward to demonstrate the role of the Kingdom in restoring the legitimate rule of law in Yemen; the second goal looks outward to Yemen where the people are advised to support their leadership and government.

Al-Shehri added that the developmental projects in Yemen need sustainable actions and concrete plans to be achieved -- as currently being undertaken with the Kingdom and Coalition Forces -- and have a long-term impact. He further related that they aim to restore hope, establish security, and safeguard the rule of law in Yemen. He concluded his remarks by stating "it is beautiful that King Khalid University is organizing a seminar on the development and stability of Yemen."

As for the writer Mansour Al-Dabaan, he said: "The stability of the neighbors of Saudi Arabia is important, and Saudi Arabia will protect its neighbor; the history of Yemen will remember the courage of Saudis." 

Dr. Tarek Habib tweeted: "The development of Yemen is a part of our love for Yemen and its people, as well as a duty of a neighbor."

International renown political analyst Mubarak Al-Ati added that King Khalid University has demonstrated what we hope an educational institution will do under these circumstances. He concluded by highlighting the extraordinary efforts of the Arab coalition to restore stability to Yemen.

The advisor and Supervisor of the Portal and Electronic services in the Ministry of Culture and Information, Hani Al-Ghafili, tweeted: “The people of Yemen and Development is our obsession. Our goal is the security and unity of Yemen."


kku - media center

As part of the Sixth Health and Wellness program, a number of lectures, seminars, and health clinics were held in Tanomah, Belasmer, and Belahmer serving roughly two thousand people.

Dr. Saeed bin Ali Al-Asmari gave a lecture entitled "The Best of Centuries" at the Belsmer School, and a seminar entitled "Conditions of Work" for the employees of Belasmar City Hall. Dr. Mohammed bin Mashbab Al-Habter also gave a lecture entitled "Intellectual Security, Its Importance and the Ways to Achieve It" he also delivered a speech on “Maximizing the Rituals of God" in the presence of staff and religious figures. In Abu Hanifa Middle School in Tanomah, Dr. Rashid bin Hassan Al-Almaie presented a  lecture on the  “Quranic Commandments" and another lecture entitled "Giving to Allah and His Messenger."

Three speeches were presented on Friday by Dr. Ahmed Bin Ali Al Zamili, Dr. Abdullah Mansour Al-Oded, and Dr. Nasser Othman Omair.

Kku - media center

The Restoring Hope, Development, and Stability in Yemen symposium organized by King Khalid University continued its activities on Tuesday the 18th of Jumada Al-Akhar in the Mahayel Asir Governorate with two presentations; Deputy Governor Ali Falki and the General Supervisor of the University Branch presided over the day's events.

Faculty of Shari'a and Fundamentals of Religion Professor, Dr. Mohammed bin Kirdam, discussed his paper, "Houthis: Historical Roots," which spoke about the emergence of the rebel group and its cancerous spread within Yemen and its malicious aims.

From the legitimacy perspective, Faculty of Sharia and the Fundamentals of Religion Assistant Professor, Dr. Mohammed Al-Rajhi, presented a paper entitled "Houthis, Illegitimate Roots" where he discussed their tendencies and views.

The symposium was attended by a number of residents from Mahayel, a number of faculty members, students, and members from the military and civilian sectors.

KKU - Media Center

The second session of the "Restoring Hope for the State of Yemen and its Development and Stability" symposium was held on Tuesday the 18th of Jumada Al-Thani in the Talha bin Obaidullah Theater in Dhahran Al-Janoub.

The opening session of the symposium began with a speech from the Supervisor of the Intellectual Awareness Unit at King Khalid University, Dr. Yahya Al-Bakri, who explained the depraved characteristics of separation in a stirring speech.  He delved into the impact disruption can have on an Islamic nation if left unchecked. The history of separation and adversity that the Islamic world has suffered as a result of these crises was also explained.

The Director of Training Programs at the Prince Nayef University for Security Sciences, Major General Dr. Ali Al-Ruwaili, presented a paper on the social and security results of the Al-Hazm Storm operation and a sustainable approach to the humanitarian situation in Yemen.

The President of the Center of Development for Senior Administrative Leadership, Dr. Faisal Al-Sumairi, talked about the comprehensive humanitarian efforts of coalition countries to remedy the developmental conditions in Yemen and the assistance provided to the Yemeni people in diverse fields. He praised the Kingdom's visionary leadership for preserving the Arabism of Yemen. He also displayed the amount of aid provided by the Saudi government to the different regions and cities of Yemen.

The seminar drew in large crowds of diverse participants from all branches of the military,  civilian, and educational sectors including students. 

Kku - media center

On behalf of His Excellency, King Khalid University Rector Dr. Faleh bin Rajaa Allah Al-Solamy, the General Administration of Scholarships will organize the first ceremony for scholarship students this Tuesday -- 25/6/1439AH -- after Maghrib prayer in the University Sports Hall.

Dr. Saeed bin Mohammed Al-Shahrani, deputy general supervisor of the ceremony, related that the idea of the ceremony stems from the General Administration of Scholarships. A central factor of the administrations it to establish activities, training programs, and excursions for scholarship students in order to foster an atmosphere of inclusion and teamwork. 

Al-Shahrani added that the number of scholarship students in the university has eclipsed 2K, including 2032 internal scholarships, and 97 foreign scholarships from twenty different nationalities studying bachelor's, master's, doctorate and diploma programs.

It is worth mentioning that the number of nationalities for next year is expected to reach 42 countries, from the three continents of Asia, Africa, and South America. The number of international candidates allotted for admission to the university next year is 202 students.


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